What to expect as a new agent


Obtain your license to sell health insurance. Check with your state’s Department of Insurance to determine their procedures and requirements. If you plan on selling insurance in multiple states, make sure to apply and obtain non-resident licenses for those states. Make sure you obtain the correct license for the products you’d like to sell.


Get Contracted. As a new agent, you’ll start by submitting your contracting paperwork to one of our agent support coordinators, or electronically by clicking here. We will check your contracting documents for any errors and send off to each of the carriers you’d like to represent.

The insurance carriers will also need to following documents:

  • Copy of your Insurance license. Also any non-resident licenses for states in which you plan on selling. If you are contracting as a business entity rather than individual, please include your business license as well.
  • Copy of your E&O
  • Copy of a voided check for direct deposit
  • Copy of proof of anti-money laundering training (if you are selling life or financial products)
  • Copy of written explanation for any background issues


Obtain an appointment and a writing number. Once your paperwork has been submitted to an insurance carrier, they will review your documents and perform a background check. This process usually takes 2 weeks. Once the carrier has approved your appointment they will contact you via email or traditional mail to provide you with your agent writing number and your next steps.


Certify to Sell. With your writing number, you can now begin taking product certifications. Most insurance carriers advise agents to take AHIP certifications first. With UnitedHealthcare, for example, you can take all their certifications in one spot. Once you have completed AHIP and carrier specific certifications, you are now ready to sell.

When you’re ready to become an agent, a dedicated Agent Support Coordinator will be assigned to you to help you through the contracting and onboarding phase, as well as help answer any questions you may have throughout your duration with Agent Boost Marketing. We’re here to help.

* All agents must be contracted, licensed, appointed in the state they want to sell, and certified before they can sell our products.