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Monthly Policy Lapse Reports, Issued vs Written Reports and More!

Does it seem like you need to learn C++ programming or have an advanced technical degree to run your insurance business and service your clients? If so you’re not alone. One of the most common comments or feedback that we receive from agents and agency partners is how difficult it is to work with multiple insurance carriers; especially tracking book of business, active policies, revenue and commissions. There’s the different portals, enrollment platforms, materials ordering, marketing pieces, commission statements, certification centers and on and on. We get it! We have a solution that will completely change your life managing your business; especially if you’re an agency owner. And it’s absolutely free and provided to all our agents and agency owners contracted with Agent Boost. 


Imagine this scenario (it may sound like you) 


Agent X writes:

  • 10 plans per month with carrier A
  • 6 plans per month with carrier B
  • 2 plans per month with carrier C 
  • 3 plans per years with carrier D


That’s 219 plans and commission payments to track between 4 different insurance companies in a year. Now what about renewals? What plans are still active? Which clients disenrolled? Which carriers and clients do you retain better? What is your issue or accretion rate? How about your rapid disenrollment rate? Now what about if you have a team of agents? Which agents are consistently writing? Who’s driving the revenue behind your business? All this and more we solve for our agents as a value added service. We understand how important this actionable data is and we proactively provide this information to our agent and agency partners. 


We aggregate the commission data from all carriers into one source and are able to create the following reports and distribute them in an automated fashion. 


  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Monthly Policy  Lapse Report
  • Current month to Prior Month Sales Comparison
  • Current Year Month to Prior Year Month
  • YTD Sales 
  • Current Year to Prior Year Comparison
  • Current Year Trending Forecast
  • Issued vs Written Report
  • Member Retention by Carrier Report


And so much more…..get in touch with us today to see how we can take the admin headache out of your business, increase efficiency and get you selling more.