Final Expense

While most people don’t enjoy discussing end-of-life issues,
it’s important to plan for these costs now.


Average cost of funeral including viewing, burial and vault in 2014.


Amount Social Security pays for final expenses for those who qualify.


Of people living in the United States don’t have life insurance

42% of Americans don’t have a life insurance policy in force! Some people don’t have children, a spouse, or loved ones they’ll leave behind; but the majority of Americans do. Very few people are self-funded or financially solvent with assets to pass on and therefore don’t need life insurance. If your clients don’t meet this criteria, then you should be having a discussion with them about life insurance.

Often our agents ask their clients to review their life insurance. In many cases it’s been years or decades since they’ve really examined their coverage. You know what we find? Policies have lapsed and are no longer in force for a number of reasons; usually failure to pay a few premiums or it was a term policy and the term has ended. Or they’re significantly underinsured, and their debts and obligations outweigh their coverage. This doesn’t include the cost of performing an actual funeral. Getting a traditional life insurance policy in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s can be extremely expensive or out of the question all together. An insurance product that could be a solution- final expense.

Final expense policies are designed to help protect loved ones from having to pay out of pocket for expenses associated with funerals. There are many expenses associated with funerals, such as embalming and casket costs, cremation costs, burial plot, gravesite, headstone, engraving, charges for transportation, preparation, funeral home use, memorial service, etc.

While most people don’t enjoy discussing end-of-life issues, it’s important to plan for these costs now. Take a minute to ask your clients a few simple questions; you could be doing them a tremendous favor. Selling final expense policies can be a lot easier than you think. Talk to your agent support coordinator to receive available training and a full commission grid.

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