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Imagine one centralized place to remotely quote and enroll Medicare Advantage, Supplements, and PDP’s from multiple insurance carriers. This tool is a complete game changer; the technology is here. Enroll your clients via text message or email faster than ever. Or simply direct them to your own personalized URL where they can shop plans and enroll themselves. You’ll still get paid a full commission as their broker of record. You can also embed your PURL in your own website and email signature. This tool allows you to do business anywhere in the country where you are licensed and appointed. Our industry is evolving quickly, don’t get left behind. With this tool rather than being a “field agent” you’re a modern agent. You now have the flexibility to meet with clients face to face or remotely anywhere in the country. Read more about the features below and watch our demo videos.

Client Self Enrollment

Our industry is changing quickly and so are the prospects. The way they shop, compare and make buying decisions is as well. If given the opportunity, many consumers prefer to compare and enroll on their own. Empower and encourage your clients to do so with your custom PURL; you’ll still get paid the same commission and you accommodate your clients’ preference.

Efficiency and Time Saving

Imagine all the time you can save and the flexibility to work virtually. The next time your existing client needs to change to a different product, rather than driving to their home and conducting an appointment, simply email them your link and they can enroll themselves. Or pull up their profile in your dashboard, with a few clicks, generate a text message to them and they’re all set. Enrollment complete. Driving to an appointment and completing a full review may take hours. You can now provide the same valuable services to your clients in minutes.

Replace Plan Finder

Did you experience difficulties this past AEP with all the changes to’s Plan Finder? You can completely replace plan finder with this platform. It allows you to build and save indefinitely all your clients profiles including prescription drugs, preferred pharmacy network or mail order, current plan, etc. This system pulls all the plan data from CMS and calculates your client’s costs and comparisons just like When a client review come up, simply log in and all the information you need is readily available. If a product change is needed, with a few clicks, you’re done. Imagine how you could increase your sales during AEP and year-round with this tool.

One location for all the provider lookups

Being a versatile independent agent is tough, we understand. Trying to remember all the different locations to lookup doctors and hospitals with multiple plans on the fly is challenging. Once you log in and begin your quote, all the links to provider lookups are in one place.

Client Enrollment Database

All your enrollments, for all carriers are saved in your agent dashboard and can be saved/exported in PDF format. All your applications are in the same format which makes life easier as an independent agent. After 90 days, the enrollments will disappear from the home screen of the dashboard, but you can always search the clients name and access the saved enrollment.

Quote and Send Multiple Carriers or Plans at Once

Perhaps you have a client that is tech savvy but might get lost navigating so many plan options. You can ask a few questions, and filter down plan selections to a few products. Then select up to (3) plan options and email or text to your client. Then they can compare those filtered options and self-enroll.

Text/SMS Feature

While many carriers now have online enrollment systems, we’ve found this system to be the most user friendly for the both the agent and the consumer. Recurring agent feedback was that at times, when the agent was at the point of sale, the prospect didn’t have an email address or couldn’t navigate to their inbox successfully. This held up the enrollment or the agent lost the sale entirely. Almost everyone including Medicare consumers have a cell phone, this platform eliminates this problem. We’ve found a significant difference in the Dual medi/medi space.

Major update Q3

Plug in your client’s current doctor/provider list and the platform will filter out all the plans that do not have them all in network. Only the remaining plans with all those docs in network will remain on your screen for you to now compare benefits/copays and execute an enrollment. Whether you are an experienced agent or brand new, this eliminates so many mistakes and saves time navigating multiple directories.

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