As an agent selling senior market products, it’s imperative that you understand and follow the regulations set forth by CMS, the NAIC and your department of insurance. Engaging in activities and sales practices that are non-compliant may result in a corrective action, including termination or nonpayment of commissions depending upon the severity of a violation. We can help you write your code of conduct and stay compliant with all CMS regulations.

Sales Events/Marketing Guidelines

CMS requires that sales events are reported in a very specific manner and within certain timelines. Events can either be reported as formal or informal; sales or educational. Formal events are typically structured in a presenter/audience style; informal events are structured in a less formal manner. These can be a health fair, a retail store kiosk, open house or other settings.

Marketing guidelines have been established by CMS for Co-branding, Cross-Selling, Nominal gifts, providing meals, Scope of Appointment, and Unsolicited contacts.

We can help report your events to CMS compliantly, as well as keep you up to date on the marketing guidelines. Download the Medicare marketing guidelines Here.

If you have any questions about compliance, please email our compliance department at: compliance@agent-boost.com

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