Assigned Agent Support Member

What kind of support can I receive from Agent Boost Marketing?

We understand that every agent has a different experience level and acumen when it comes to selling Medicare and senior market insurance products. We’ve created our agent support model with you in mind, here’s how it works:

Assigned representative. Every agent that contracts and onboards with Agent Boost is assigned a sales representative. That rep’s overall responsibility is to oversee your engagement and success. You’re placed on their sales team and they are available to provide you with local market contacts, assist with your business plan, coordinate training, discuss co-op marketing, lead programs, provide industry knowledge and insight and much more. Your success = their success.

Contracting and licensing. In addition to your assigned representative, when you onboard during the first 60 days, you’ll engage back and forth with our licensing and contracting team. Our contracting team will provide you with any needed information to get all your requested carrier contracts aligned with Agent Boost Marketing. Depending on your situation, we may need your help in obtaining documentation from your prior FMO, fulfilling any missing document requests or logging into carrier portals. The more engaged and responsive you are, the quicker and easier this process will be. Our contracting team will coordinate with your representative and inform them of your progress.

Tier 1 Support. Being an independent agent can be overwhelming. Here are a number of support items that our team can help you with:

  • Guide you through the AHIP and carrier certification process
  • Order plan materials/sales kits or help you download the PDFs
  • Guide you through carrier online e-apps including where to download and how to use them
  • How to check your commission statements with a specific carrier
  • Tracking your license expirations and renewals
  • Provide you with access and training to our quoting and enrollment tools
  • Provide access to our Rocket CRM and schedule your CRM training
  • Provide you with important compliance reminders and updates
  • Answer basic industry related questions

Tier 2 Support. Talk with one of our Health/Life licensed staff members that can answer your questions speaking from experience rather than just concept. Some of the escalated requests that these staff members assist with are:

  • Election code related questions on Medicare applications
  • Product placement scenarios for Medicare and Final expense
  • Compliance related questions pertaining to marketing activities
  • Escalate carrier issues that cannot or have not been resolved with the agent support

Bottom line. Contact us with your support related needs. We will either get you to an internal staff member that can resolve your issues in a professional and timely manner, or we will escalate to the appropriate carrier and follow up until resolution. Our goal is to make you more efficient so that you can increase your sales.